Student is the driven factor to speed up the development

Student is the driven factor to speed up the development

West Papua Provincial Representative Office in Jakarta held a seminar on fostering students and students of West Papua in Fame Hotel, Gading Serpong, Tangerang on March this year. The event attended by hundreds of students and filled the location since the morning. The seminar theme is “The Strategic Role of Students, as Potential Resources in Promoting the Acceleration of Development in West Papua” with one of the keynote speaker is Natalius Pigai, Commissioner of National Committee for Human Rights.


Sitting in the front table, Mrs. Juliana A Maitimu, S.Mn, as Head of West Papua Province Liaison Office accompanied by Mrs. Santi Wamea.S.Sos, Head of Inter-Agency Relations, stated that the seminar was organized for giving more enlightenment to students to flow of changing, and to be part in it, they must prepare themselves.

“So at the beginning we provide enlightenment in the form of seminars. Because the young Papuan must know, where they start from and now in which position. Once they know and understand they will be motivated to do. “Juliana stated. And it has to be a students ? Juliana asserted, because they are the young generation, they are the ones who will make changes after returning to West Papua. They are trully the agent of changing who could bring a changing to Papua, for the betterment of West Papua.

This is the task of local government, facilitating them to enter into the flow of change, because the change can not be arrested, “she said.


According to Natalius Pigai, currently Papua and West Papua are facing a humanitarian tsunami, very critical, very dangerous. The rate of maternal and child mortality in the province is highest in Indonesia, the level of illiteracy is also highest.

“It’s all because we are still blind, blind to the importance of education. Because younger siblings are not prepared. For that let’s prepare together, facing a very competitive competition. Life is hard, “said Natalius. “To face this competition, there are three things that must be prepared, namely competence, skills and management. This is the capital to be able to prepare for changes. Brothers who become the future, which controls everything, “he concluded.

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