About 3,353 of 8,925 development projects in West Papua Agreed to be Executed

About 3,353 of 8,925 development projects in West Papua Agreed to be Executed

Indonesia government through several ministries and other official institution has agreed more than 3,352 national development projects in West Papua, biggest ever in the terms of number project in West Papua. The Acting Director General of Rural Development of the Ministry of Interior, Diah Indrajati during the interview, stated that the said above project intended to accelerate the development on the eastern part of Indonesia, particularly in West Papua.

In addition to the statement, Indrajati said that actually there are 8,925 proposed project but so far the government just recently agreed about 3,352 projects to be executed. The central hospital in South Manokwari, Sorong Sea Port and Domine Eduard Osok Airport are included in the list of projects to be build in West Papua as the supporting facility to develop the Special Economic Zone of Sorong.

The West Papua Long Term Development Plan 2018 as the main reference to construct the Local Development Plan and deploy as the integrated site plan of development in West Papua. The said integrated plan was the first of the initiative action in realizing the acceleration of development in West Papua. Beside the hospital, seaport and airport, Arar seaport and outer ring roads of Aimas-Seget also included the projects which will be executed in this year.

Source https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/3498781/genjot-infrastruktur-jokowi-ingin-ekonomi-papua-tumbuh-681-di-2018

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