Air Transport Safety in Papua Massively Increased

Air Transport Safety in Papua Massively Increased

The new Papua’s Wamena airport built on the areas of 4,000 m2 has a terminal with capability to serve 282 passangers, equipped with the 2,175 metres runaway, will be as the second bussiest airport in Papua Province.

President Joko Widodo once said that the natural barriers has to respond and addressed with accelerating the road infrastructure development, bidges, ports and airports in addition to providing the transportation means, particularly air transportation. On this occasion, Mr. Widodo urges to increase the service quality in the airport, should be no compromise in terms of safety, especially in the hill and mountain areas.

The wamenda festivity became more exposed by the annual Lembah Baliem Festival which mostly took place in the hill or in the peak of those mountains and could be reached by two or three hours driving by car from the Wamena City. Many tourists came from Australia upto Poland, in addition to local tourists to watch the festivity.

Some airports in Papua has now a modern facilities, such as the Jayapura, Sorong, Kaimana and Wamena airports. Sorong has been increased its capacity to support the tourism activity in Raja Ampat. The road infrastructure massively constructed in the region which is received an inspection visit periodically by Mr. Widodo himself.

Particularly the air safety standard, has been succesfully increased so far as the result of the implementation program launched by the concerned ministry at the end of 2016 and concluded by this mid of 2017.

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