Alwi Hamu, One of the People Behind the Progress of Papua Region

Alwi Hamu, One of the People Behind the Progress of Papua Region

Papuan prominent women figure, Fabiola Iriani Ohei acknowledges that Muhammad Alwi Hamu is one of the leading figures, who play a major role in Papua today. This is conveyed by Fabiola Iriani during the testimony about the figure of media merchants operated in the Eastern part of Indonesia, in Auditorium Hotel Putri Duyung, Ancol, Jakarta on last august this year.

The woman who now serves as the presidential special envoy, admited to having been disappointed with this republic over the state’s attitude to the people of Papua in the earlier. It was Mr. Muhammad Alwi later giving his encouragement to remain trust and support to the government keen in advancing the development in Papua.

The native Papuan women also had time to shed tears in the presence of hundreds of invited guests, while narrating the struggle of the owners of these hundreds of media helped the territory of Papua. Now the present circumstances much mopre different, media growth recorded fastly, and one of the supporting fugures in the region is Mr. Alwi. The event was attended by government officials, namely Vice President Jusuf Kalla, renowned cleric Quraisy Shihab, veteran artist Minati Atmanegara and a host of other names.

Alwi Hamu, Salah Satu Tokoh Dibalik Kemajuan Wilayah Papua

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