Amazing effecaciousness of the Papua Organic Arabic Coffee Products

Amazing effecaciousness of the Papua Organic Arabic Coffee Products

The riched fertile soil makes Indonesia produces many kind of plantation products, especially on the higher grounds plantations, such as coffee. One of the highlands in Indonesia productively turned out in producing the best quality of arabica coffee, low acid and caffeine.

Kwei Ing quicly grabbed this opportunity. He was listed as the producers of arabica coffee that came from his plantation on the West Papua and particapated on the Organic Weekend Festival at Crowne Plaza Hotel Bandung, in March 2016. He claimed that his arabica coffee from the highlands of Papua is one of the best coffee grew in Indonesia.

Arabica coffee grown in the mountain peak area of ​​Jayawijaya has an acidic content close to zero, and low caffeine. Morehigher the place then the arabica coffee will get better quality. Ing also claimed that his arabica coffee is grown at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, geographically it is including the highest in the world. Obviously it is pollution free, pest free, and no fertilizer required.

Ing coffee products already exported to several European countries and even America, but ironically that many Indonesian do not know about the competitive value of coffee Papua. In accordance to the scientific research that the organic coffee has 10 times antioxidants from lemon, and is used as a medication for some diseases in America, name it from the breast cancer and vertigo. Caffeine which was obtained from the highlands of Papua is the best medical approach to prevent the breast cancer.

Furthermore, Kwei Ing informed that his organic arabica coffee distributed under the brand of Hibo. He added that the process is done to maintain the quality of coffee beans in the harvest, to be processed and packed directly. Hibo comes with two types or two different flavor variants which is determined by the stage of processing. The dark french is taste lighter while the black italian has a stronger and more black arabica flavor.

As the closing statement during the interview, Ing proudly claimed that the dregs of his organic coffee products are good for detoxification. By re-brewed with water pans, and drink without any mixture added.

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