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How Developed is West Papua Now?

Various programs from Indonesian presidents for Papua and West Papua began in 1999 after the New Order ended. The work programs of these presidents should be made notes so that they can be a lesson in resolving the polemic in Papua and West Papua, which continues to this day. Abdurrahman Wahid, colloquially known as Gus … More

Local weather Change and West Papua

Climate Change affects the Pacific. Whether or not you come from the low mendacity atolls of Kiribati and the Marshall Islands, or bigger Islands like Vanuatu and Fiji. Time and time once more, story after story, you hear of how and why climate impacts have gotten more of a threat to our homes and ways … More

What Is The Free Papua Movement?

To understand the Free Papua movement, there’s just a few things to get out of the way first. First, what’s Papua? Second, why does it need freedom? Third, who from? For a substantial amount of people, when they hear ‘Papua’ they think of Papua New Guinea. It’s not too far off, seeing as West Papua … More

Indonesia at the UN General Assembly: Vanuatu Do not Intervene in Papua Affairs — West Papua

UN General Assembly Papua Author Shintaloka Pradita Sicca | Editor Shintaloka Pradita Sicca GENEVA, – Indonesia’s representative diplomat, Silvany Austin Pasaribu, drew attention at the UN General Assembly when exercising his right of reply… 22 more words Indonesia at the UN General Assembly: Vanuatu Do not Intervene in Papua Affairs — West Papua

Why Separatists against West Papua Autonomy? — West Papua

On West Papua autonomy, spokesperson for the West Papua National Committee (KNB), Victor Yeimo, former Papuan prisoners Sayang Mandabayan, and Benny Wenda have something in common, they rejected it. 532 more words Why Separatists against West Papua Autonomy? — West Papua

Dishonest twitter campaign on West Papua issue — West Papua

Dishonest twitter campaign is not something new. Political campaign using twitter platform is massive in every corner of the world. West Papua Blog calls for fact-checking of political campaign by both pro separatist Papua and pro Indonesia after observing so many fake news, disinformation, deceptive opinion, and misleading claims about what happened in… 400 more… Dishonest … More

The Name West Papua — West Papua

The name “West Papua” is used differently by separatist group and government of Indonesia. It sometimes creates confusion due to its political used. The name West Papua refers to the western half of the island of New Guinea. 129 more words The Name West Papua — West Papua

Australia rejects Papuan independence — West Papua Update — Free West Papua

Old news but very important to remember from The Hindu. Australia categorically rejected Papuan independence on Sunday saying it could not lead to a viable nation and would “completely rupture” ties with Indonesia were Canberra to weigh in. 35 more words Australia rejects Papuan independence — West Papua Update — Free West Papua

For the umpteenth time, Benny Wenda speaks without evidence

Originally posted on Free-West-Papua-Album:
Again, Benny Wenda has made a statement without evidence. This fact is revealed from the confession of TPNPB spokesman, Sebby Sembom. Sebby, who used to roam Waena, Abepura together with Buchtar Tabuni, stated that Benny Wenda and Socrates should not just talk and should be responsible for their statements. Sebby assured…

History of West Papua – Encyclopedia Britannica

History The first Europeans to sight the island of New Guinea were the Portuguese in 1511, and what is now the Indonesian portion of the island was subsequently visited by Spanish, Dutch, German, and English explorers. The English attempted to found a colony near Manokwari in 1793. The Dutch claimed the western half of New Guinea in 1828, … More


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