Bridge on the Sea in Papua Will Be Completed 2018

Bridge on the Sea in Papua Will Be Completed 2018

The construction development of the Holtekamp Overpass in Jayapura, Papua, along 732 meters has reached 12 percent so far. The bridge targeted to be completed by 2018 and has already entered the pile-mounting stage above the sea. The existence of Holtekamp Bridge considered has a strategic value and positive contribution, among others as a solution to the density of urban areas, settlements, and economic activities within the city of Jayapura.

The bridge also encourage economic relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea which has been running through the border gates of the state in Skouw. Another strategic value is the existence of a significant tourism potential development along the roads such as Hamadi Coast tourism, Youtefa Bay, Holtekam Beach and border gates of RI-PNG.

The Holtekamp flyover Bridge which is an important part of the 4,325 km road network and built to shorten the distance and travel time from Jayapura to Muara Tami. The bridge is built on the sea, precisely Youtefa Bay and has a high level of difficulty and risk.

The cost of this bridge construction is estimated to reach Rp. 1.5 trillion funded through cost sharing mechanism between State Budget (APBN), funded the construction along the 433 meter and from Papua Provincial Budget (APBD) of 895 meters then APBD of Jayapura City 7.9 meters (Access road side of Hamadi and Holtekamp).

The Consortium contractor in handling the bridge is PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero), PT Hutama Karya, and PT Nindya Karya. Then for the construction material of this bridge is partly taken from Bitung Province such as broken stone.

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