Government Develops Nabire Port, Enhancing the Connectivity in Papua

Government Develops Nabire Port, Enhancing the Connectivity in Papua

The government commit to improve and increase the capacity of Port Nabire, Papua aimed to establish more connectivity between Papua and other regions, claimed by President Widodo after reviewing the Port of Nabire on Thursday, December 21, 2017. President Widodo said that the expansion will make the Port of Nabire as a connecting port for the six surrounding districts.

Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi) Hadir di Nabire, Papua, Rabu (20/12/2017). (Vina Muliana/

Approach initiated by President Widodo after received an explanation from the Regent concerning the importance of Nabire Harbor and increase the access of community economic activities. On the other side, the number of private companies that have entered the Port of Nabire and establish a business activity in Nabire region becomes more feasible and the economy in the Nabire is increase. The good thing is the private sector start to consider the region as the potential area for business expansion.

The government will continue to expand and improve the functionality of Port of Nabire. Government also did not hesitate to invite private companies to work together in realizing the Port of Nabire as expected by community, added by President Widodo. In 2018, the first cargo terminal will be started, repaired, repaired, raised, including the passenger terminal and will also be done with the private sector.

President Widodo admitted that there are still many supporting facilities that also need to be built. In addition, incentives for private companies that will invest currently in Port Nabire are also not yet available. The product brought from Nabire and will be feasible to enter Makassar and Surabaya’s maket with fish, oranges, wood, and banana.

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