The State Electricity Company (PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara – PLN Persero) continues to execute the program to distribute the electricity distribution under the framework of the rural electricity sustainable program. Particular on the provinces of Papua and West Papua, until 2017, the number of electrified villages has reached 1,542 villages.

Di Depan Jokowi, Bos PLN Minta Diberikan Insentif Energi Primer

The two Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG) has total capacity to 70 MW, located in Jayapura and Nabire, wired the electricity to 74 villages in Papua, inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. In 2017, number of villages that have received electricity reached to 191 villages. There are some villages that have not yet connected with an electricity in various regions, and government through the PLN took seriously on this matter. To be connected it is also not coming cheap and required Rp. 150 million for one house. It becomes a challenge for PLN to be able to capture electricity to these villages.

The cost of connecting most of it provided through the assistance of CSR budget, the remaining budget needed earned from parties from SOEs. For sustainability, there a needs to cross subsidy between Java, Sumatera and East Indonesia consumption in the framework of equitable distribution of electricity development becomes more feasible in the future.

Therefore, to establish an electicity connection to those villages, requested an incentives related to primary energy such as gas and coal, to maintain PLN business activities while reducing the cost of production of the electricity, to make electricity prices affordable for the community.

PLN need a leniency and ask President Joko Widodo for PLN to be given incentives related to primary energy, to reach the society with cheap electricity price and expected that by having an electricity in the houses, the productivity will increase and the economy will grow,

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