Ob Anggen School, International school in the middle of the West Papua mountains

Ob Anggen School, International school in the middle of the West Papua mountains

Foreign-language international schools normally founded in a big cities. But in the West Papua, in the remote area and in a rural district, there is an English-language school, whose the faculty staff came directly from America, is quite remarkable. With School complete facility, free school tuitition, making the equivalent school in the vicinity which is belonged to the government, is about to be closed down due to very less number of student registered on that school. The students which previously went to the government school, curently enrolled themselves to said above international school.


The name of a modern educational institute established since 2007 ago is Ob Anggen School. School initiated by foreign volunteers was previously only provide an education for the early stages of children, later by the Indonesian government was introduces as Pendidikan Usia Dini (PAUD) or early childhood education. Considered that the number of student has been significantly increased, the school has been extended to the level of primary education. Remarkably, in addition to English-language, those teachers mostly came directly from the United States and some European countries. The student also had been introduced to use tablets, e-books, since the student reach fourth grade.


Ob Anggen School located in Bokondini District, the oldest district in Karubaga. To reach the districts inhabitated with only 4,811 inhabitants, there are two access, air paths with small bodied aircraft, or by roads. By plane it takes 30 minutes from Wamena or Karubaga, the capital of Tolikara City while driving down the roads needs two to three hours due to unfinished road construction.

School facility is quite amazing, starts from the complete library with internet connected computer, laboratory, as well as indoor and outdoor sports field, completely available. Not even a dime that student have to pay a school tuitition. This school are fully intended for the advancement of the West Papuan future generation.

The Bokondini district belongs to the Tolikara district, which is the oldest and most developed district. In addition to having runways in the city downtown, it also has electricity and drinking water installations. In Bokondini, electricity and drinking water installation have been available long before the declaration of integration to the Republic of Indonesia. Drinking water taken from the slopes and before distributed to each house, the water first reserved in a large container and being used as an electric turbine drive.

Bokondini was originally home base for a missionaries to spread the chrisianity in the Central Highlands of Papua. Now the facilities for the missionaries are only the witnesses of history. Churches, dormitories, including pine trees are remain beautiful alongside the old grand mosque which still in service.

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