President Joko Widodo Celebrates Mother’s Day at Waisai Torang Cinta West Papua

President Joko Widodo Celebrates Mother’s Day at Waisai Torang Cinta West Papua

During the fourth day of a series of working visits to six provinces, President Joko Widodo attended the ceremony memorial of the 89th Commemoration of Mother’s Day which is this year centered in Waisai Torang Cinta Field (WTC), Raja Ampat District, West Papua Province.

Presiden Jokowi menghadiri puncak Peringatan Hari Ibu di Lapangan Waisai Torang Cinta (WTC), Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Provinsi Papua Barat, Jumat (22/12/2017).

The President was accompanied by the First Lady, Iriana Joko Widodo and five women ministers in his ministerial cabinet, purposely scheduled to attend said memorial day. On the said event, also the presence of the “mama mama”, elderly women represent the mother, rticipated to attend and said celebration. After performing the Friday prayers, the President and his entourage will depart to Bali Province to continue the work visit.

The visit of the country’s Head of State again as the reflection of the government attention and commitment to develop the Papua region in particular while the other regions also received the same attention.

President Widodo on working trip, visited the six provinces from December 19 – 23, 2017, started by giving a public lecture at the 68th Dies Natalis of the State University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, then followed by visit East Java, West Papua, Papua, Bali and Central Java.

During the working visit, President Widodo inaugurated the Surabaya-Mojokerto (Sumo) toll road project, while in Nabire Regency, Papua Province, President Widodo inaugurate the gas fueled power plant and said Mother’s Day memorial ceremony. In addition to said program, the President will also handed over the land ownership certificates in several provinces.

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