President stated that 2019 all villages in Papua served by elect

President stated that 2019 all villages in Papua served by electricity

President Joko Widodo claimed that in 2019, all villages in Papua Province will get wired and have an electricity as an effort to realize the government program to provide lighting in all regions.

President Widodo conveyed the said statement during the inauguration of electricity village of Papua-North Maluku, Inauguration of PLTU North Maluku 1×7 MW and Ground Breaking PLPMG MPP Jayapura 50 MW, in Holtekam Jayapura) September 2017.

The Regent reported to the President Joko Widodo directly about the power outage, and it was responded quickly by President Widodo, giving instructing to the related-energy ministry and National Electricity Company (Perusahaan Listrik Negara – PLN) to resolve the power outage at the eastern part of Indonesia, particularly in Papua.

Government will install the solar cell to power up the remote area and the said above construction will be able to produce 730 MW in 2019, thus there is no shortage of the electricity in Papua anymore. As for the villages that are difficult to reach, will be given solar cell to power up a houses, and our target until 2019 all the regions in Papua are getting electricity.

President Joko Widodo previously has made a breakthrough in energy field needs two years ago and had solved the problem of fuel in Papua, set the price of fuel in Papua is the same as other areas in Java.

Currently government still trying to find out how to manage the cement price problem and make the price almost the same like in other regions.

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